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Updated: Jul 24, 2023

WHY is one of those old (like, post bust, but startup 3.0; early 2000's up to the great resignation), corporate-y start-up but still white, male, CEO of Employee Feels words that is supposed to present YOU as a REASON.

What is your why?

Why do I have to have a why? Can't I have a why not?? Or better yet, I had no other choice.

Creators often say this; I have no other choice. I have to (insert artistic output here; make music, write mysteries, plant wild gardens, mold clay.) I feel this.

I have no other choice.

Another quote that has popped up twice in two days is along the lines of craft/hand-work as human necessity. Also, a common creator statement. My hands have to be doing this. Usually there's a thread, a connection betw

een hand and mind/soul/feelings. When my hands do this, my mind does this or doesn't do that instead. Creation as meditation. Creation as therapy. Creation as self care.

I feel this too.

When I used to have art class on Wednesday nights there were often days that started at 6 am and fielded dozens of calls, tens of dozens of live chats, dozens of dozens of emails and hours of meetings and I'd make the longish drive thinking i'll just turn here and head home instead. I'll take the next exit and just skip it. Without fail, those were the nights that art class held me up the most, when my hands gave my brain permission to observe rather than orchestrate, I left feeling exhilarated, nearly unable to settle into sleep I was so awake and energized.

I create because I have no other choice and when I finally gave my life space to be a creator, I was rewarded with impressively improved mental (and physical) health.

Now... WHY I paint WHAT I paint, is a different kind of why.

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