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See Good, Do Good, Feel Good

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Odds are you have experienced some measure of impact from Breast Cancer.

297,790 women and men each year are diagnosed with Breast Cancer, that's roughly 816 per day. And uncounted more escaped a diagnosis, this time, but got a good life jolt and some hefty bills out of something 'suspect' that required more testing.

The Library of Marshall Arts will donate 20% of profits from all sales in the month of October to Pinkfund eases the financial burdens of fighting breast cancer by providing assistance with bills, not just medical bills but the every day bills that keep coming whether or not you just had a round of chemo; rent, heat, water. There's no excuse for allowing another human to chose between dinner and treatment, do you agree? Will you help me ease this burden?

I'm in love this this movement; you get to pick a piece of art, a sticker, a print, some cards to send out, whatever will light up your world a little and that piece not only lights up YOUR world but is a reminder that you were a part of something really wonderful, something small but enormously impactful that lit up someone else's world. Your purchase of a piece of art equals a donation for Breast Cancer. See good, do good, feel good.

Join me, and if you have ideas for great charities focused on women and/or conservation please send them my way! I'm building a database and plan to donate in service to the causes nearest to me, and this great beautiful place that lights up my world!

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