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A few weeks ago, sleepless again, around 2 am or so I realized my webhost must have a blog option. It feels like a struggle to connect with you in the way that is meaningful, to share more of myself, my motivations, why this artistic endeavor is my life raft, and to show you more of my processes.

Welcome behind the library stacks, where the Dewey decimal system categorizes things neatly into consumptive buckets. I hope you share, come back for more, and find a piece, or the story of it, that resonates with you.

See, I don't (yet) get to be a full time artist. But I do get to be me and for the first time in a REALLY long time, it feels good in my skin. I'm juggling a full time day job, mom/wife/chef/gardener/meow and buzz parent while trying to create something every single day. And yet it no longer feels like juggling or failing or stressing, it feels like doing, better, purposefully.

I need to create something. It simultaneously quiets and lights up my brain. The noise, anxiety, self-doubt, CMB... it all quiets and settles into ooooooooo, THAT color is amazing, look what happened right there, do more of that.

Stringing all the right words together lights up a similar part of my brain; the poetry of language, the latin root and layered nuance.

Blog seemed like a start for a connection between us. Me, over here, trying to find my way in a new language of artistic expression and you, some known, some not yet. If I don't know you yet, say Hi! There's no such thing as an artist in a vacuum. You are as necessary in this endeavor as I.

Below is a peek at the 2nd of three landscape works set in motion this spring and early summer. You can see my grid lines over the reference photo, a trick to keeping things in their place when manipulating a photo during the transcription to paint.

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